Schedule Change Procedure

  • Requesting a course change does not guarantee that a change will be made. There are many factors that must be considered including class sizes and/or class balance.

    Requests for schedule changes received after stated deadlines will not be permitted without administrative approval. This approval will only be considered in unusual situations for rare extenuating circumstances.

    A student has the option to drop a course and enroll in a study hall if he/she does not already have a study hall in his/her schedule. Careful deliberation should be taken when considering this option as no credit is earned for study hall.

    A student must be enrolled in and pass six credit-earning classes (3.0 credits) per semester to meet MSHSAA Eligibility requirements.

    Students may request a schedule change for full-year courses by completing a schedule change request form and submitting it to the guidance department. Requests for second-semester schedule changes must meet the following criteria:

    Students may request:

    • To drop a full-year course and change to a 2nd-semester elective course if he/she has earned a 1st semester D or F;
    • To change levels in a course (moving from AP or Honors level to Regular level) if he/she has earned a 1st semester D or F.


    First & Second Semester Level Change Procedures

    Students may discover that the level of course that they are in is too challenging or not challenging enough.  In certain courses, Marquette has a level change policy.  Students desiring to level change MUST see their guidance counselor before or on the deadline change to get the level change form.  In order to accommodate the change, the student's schedule may have to be rearranged.  No exceptions are made to the level change deadlines.