ACT District Information - Juniors

  • ACT Exam Day Details: 

    Tuesday, April 4, 2023

    Exam doors will open at 8:00 a.m.

    Exam will start promptly at 8:30. Late arrivals will not be admitted 

    • Students with last names A-O will test in the Back Gym

    • Students with last name P-Z will test in the multipurpose room

    • Students testing with ACT approved accommodations will be contacted directly with their testing location.


    Students will eat lunch at the conclusion of the exam and then follow their normal schedule for the rest of the day. 


    What to bring:

    • photo ID - ID issued by city/ state/ government agency or school

    • number 2 non mechanical pencils and erasers

    • permitted calculator

    • snack & drink (optional) can be kept under the student's desk and ONLY consumed outside of the testing room on break

    What NOT to bring:

    • electronic devices, other than calculator

    • reading materials or homework

    • highlighters, colored pens, colored pencils

    • scratch paper

    • book bags - all bags brought into the testing room will be set up front and cannot be accessed until the end of the exam

    Pre-testing Activities:

    When students take the ACT, they are asked to complete the Non-Testing portion prior to test day. This is done by creating an online MyACT account. Whether completing the information for the first time, or updating (for those who already have a MyACT account), completing the non-testing portion allows examinees to:

    • Receive their scores 11-14 days faster than waiting for paper scores to be mailed.

    • Select up to four FREE score recipients

    • Gain opportunities for scholarships they may not be aware of if they choose to participate in ACT’s Educational Opportunity Service

    • Utilize resources for college and career planning

    Students at LHS will set up their MyACT accounts and complete the non-testing portion of the ACT at school during academic lab on Wednesday, March 15th.  This process requires a unique code assigned to each individual student. When students arrive at their academic lab homeroom on Wednesday, March 15th, they will receive a set of instructions with their unique code. 

    For a complete list of the questions asked and to view the information gathered by ACT during this process, please refer to this document published by ACT.  If at any time a student doesn’t know an answer or feels uncomfortable providing ACT with the requested information, they are free to skip the question.  

    Did you miss pre-admin? Email Mrs. Brawner to obtain your ACT unique student code and watch this video for instructions on how to set up your ACT account.  

    How do I get my score?

    • Create your online MyACT account to be able to access your scores online. If this was not done at school on 3/15, students must complete this on their own time.

    • Scores will be mailed home by ACT to students within 3-8 weeks after testing. Students do not all get their scores at the same time, so please be patient. If after 8 weeks, you have not received your scores, you should contact ACT. 

    • Instruction on how to link your ACT scores.