• The COMPREHENSIVE (6 week) ACT prep for the December exam is now open!

    1. View the schedule for the ACT prep class here
    2. Submit your application for the class by completing this Google form
    3. We'll email seat confirmation prior to the class start date (on Oct. 18)



    NO WORRIES! We offer a comprehensive class before the October-April exams (and a free mini class before the June ACT exam). Information about each is published here about 2 months before the exam date. Find more details about the upcoming ACT prep classes below.


    Other Information Helpful Information:

    • Where/How/When do I register for a national ACT exam*? www.act.org
      • Please note that registering for a Marquette test prep class does NOT register you for a national exam-these are separate.
    • Frequently Asked FAQs: click here
    • Who to Contact: click here
    • Other Marquette Resources: click here


    ACT Prep Annual Offerings at MHS: Marquette offers an ACT prep class before most major ACT exams (5 or more a year) for sophomores-seniors. Here are a few types:

    1. Comprehensive ACT prep classes (cost: around $100) and include: a pretest & diagnostic report; a textbook; over 20 years of instruction/ 4 + weeks; and a review class. These sessions provide an AM or PM session option. This is by far the best type of prep class for growth; it is also a great value! Important note: students need to finish at least 1 year of Marquette core classes before this ACT prep, so 9th graders are not eligible.
      • We offer comprehensive test prep classes before the October ACT (AM & PM sessions offered); December ACT (AM & PM sessions offered); February ACT (AM session offered); April ACT (AM & PM sessions offered).
    2. Free ACT prep classes: offer 1 week (about 5 hours) of instruction (no pretest, no textbook) in the fall and then before the June ACT exam. Free classes always include a class in the AM/during zero hour; the fall class may include a 1 hour PM class additionally. Free classes fill up fast; register in Guidance. Sophomores-seniors are given priority; then, if room is available, freshmen are welcome.
      • We offer 2 free classes in the AM only (1 occurs in semester 1 and the other in semester 2, typically before the June ACT exam). These are NOT comprehensive and therefore do not provide the strongest means of prep.
    3. Other possible ACT preps:
      • ACT Prep Class before the April ACT at Marquette for juniors/3rd year students: We will again offer an AM & PM session before this exam & both prep classes will give priority to juniors/3rd year students. Registration typically opens after final exams in January (check back here for more information!) & the class typically starts in mid-February.
      • The Mustang Advantage program: a free class (no pretest, no textbook) for juniors/seniors who have scored around a 17 and have the goal of accelerating their score to a 20 (or above). This class typically meets after school on Wednesdays & Thursdays in January. If interested, please fill out this Mustang Advantage interest form. The schedule of class dates will be available in December & we will send out seat confirmation in December before winter break. Details/dates are subject to change until this class comes closer.
      • The ACT Challenge: If offered, this class focuses on reviewing the most difficult/complex ACT questions. If offered & room is available, juniors/seniors will be contacted based upon previous exam scores (possibly around a 29+). If offered, classes may meet after school on Mondays & Tuesdays in January. If interested in learning more if we have this class, please fill out this ACT Challenge interest form; it is not a registration form. If offered, more information will be available December before winter break. Details/dates are subject to change until this class comes closer.

    About 2 months before the national ACT date, registration information is published: online at this Marquette website, on MHS bulletin boards and TV announcements, in Guidance, etc.


    Other Marquette Resources:

    • The Marquette Library offers an assortment of ACT/PSAT/AP/etc. prep tests for checkout. Inquire within.
    • Learning Express is an online prep resource (for ACT and beyond) our Library subscribes to and Marquette students may also use it at home for free. See the Library for details.
    • Guidance also offers an informational sheet about testing and test services.


    Who To Contact:

    To register for the ACT National ACT Exam?  Visit www.actstudent.org

    Other Testing Contacts Often Helpful for PARENTS

    1. General Questions
      • Contact the Guidance Office and they will direct you. The Guidance Office is the hub available for phone conversations, while for most others listed below, emails are the best start.
    2. ACT Prep & PSAT Prep Classes
      • When a new prep class opens, we first publish it to the MHS website main page (under "Announcements") & this page
      • For immediate general questions: Guidance Office
      • If specific questions about the ACT/PSAT test prep courses, contact: Ms. Melissa Burger *
        • *Please note that Ms. Burger is a classroom teacher (no secretary, office, etc.) so it's unlikely that she'll be able to answer immediately or directly. We encourage you to email inquires, rather than leave voicemails/phone calls (if you need to call, please start with the Guidance Office).
    3. National ACT exam registration, dates, and FAQs
    4. Questions about other tests (PSAT, AP, the Junior ACT at MHS) &/or Accommodations


    Other Testing Contacts Often Helpful for STUDENTS:

    1. ACT Prep & PSAT Prep Classes:
      • View the MHS website for news under "Announcements"
      • Check out the TV announcements in the Commons
    2. Wondering when to take the ACT exam?
    3. How do I register for the ACT National Exam (on Saturdays), learn of the ACT dates, etc.?
    4. If you have questions about Marquette's practice ACT exams, Junior ACT during 2nd semester, or Accommodations
      • Contact the MHS Testing Coordinator, Mrs. Welker, in Guidance
    5. General Questions
      • Contact the Guidance office