ACT Junior District Test

  • Information about Rockwood District’s FREE ACT for Marquette Juniors (Class of 2025)



    The Rockwood School District provides students the opportunity to take the ACT in the spring of their junior year. This test is an official ACT that can be reported to colleges and universities. This year, juniors will be taking the ACT on April 9, 2024.

    No payment or registration is required for this district-sponsored test. However, students will be asked to complete non-test information prior to their scheduled test. This activity will occur during the school day, in the weeks leading up to the test.


    What is the ACT?

    The ACT measures the knowledge, understanding, and skills that students have acquired throughout their education. Questions on the ACT are directly related to what students learn in high school courses.

    The ACT is made up of four curriculum-based, multiple choice tests:

    • English - 75 items, 45 minutes
    • Mathematics - 60 items, 60 minutes
    • Reading - 40 items, 35 minutes
    • Science - 40 items, 35 minutes


    Completing Non-Test Information - required for all juniors

    When students take the ACT, they are asked to complete the Non-Test information sections prior to test day. This is done by creating an online MyACT account. Students should allow at least 45 minutes to complete this process. Whether completing the information for the first time, or updating (for those who have already taken the ACT prior to April 9, 2024), this allows examinees to:

    • Link their school test event to the scores and receive scores 11-14 days faster than waiting for scores to be mailed. Examinees with an account are notified by email when scores are available. 
    • Select up to four FREE score recipients (colleges) each time they test
    • Gain opportunities for scholarships they may not be aware of if they choose to participate in ACT’s Educational Opportunity Service
    • Utilize resources for college and career planning

    Students at MHS will complete this process at school.  Completing the MyACT account process requires a unique code assigned to each individual student. Students are scheduled for a specific session (below) and will receive a paper copy of their code at that time.




    Who is attending?










    Students enrolled in virtual classes or Early College Program will receive a separate email from Mrs. Welker with instructions on completing the Non-Test Information.


    Test Day Information

    Arrival and Room Assignments

    • Room Assignments will be displayed after Spring Break on banners outside of MHS Library
    • On test day, students may begin checking in at 8:00 am. Check-in no later than 8:25 am.
    • Testing will promptly begin at 8:28 am


    Bring the following items with you on April 9th

    • PHOTO ID (Student ID, Driver's License, Non-driving MO state ID, Passport)
    • Two sharpened pencils with erasers (cannot be mechanical)
    • Approved calculator (link is below to view ACT's Calculator policy)
    • Timepiece: watch or timer. Cannot chirp, beep or make any noise. Must be removed from wrist and placed on desk, face up for the entire test
    • Optional snack and drink to keep under seat for break only
    • Jacket and dressing in layers as room temperatures vary


    Do not bring the following items with you:

    • Electronic devices - phones, smart watches, or any device that can access the internet, send messages, or take pictures
    • Reading materials or homework
    • Highlight pens, colored pens/pencils
    • Scratch paper
    • Book bags - if brought, must be placed under a desk and can't be accessed during the exam, including during the break.



    2024 ACT Flyer

    ACT Calculator Policy

    Taking the ACT Test