• Do you have questions about your child's bus route or bus stop? The Rockwood Transportation Call Center will be available to assist you a couple of weeks before we start transporting students.  Visit e-Link after August 5th to get the bus stop information for your children.

    ** Please note: The first two weeks of school we may experience a high volume of calls.  We will respond to your calls as soon as possible and appreciate your understanding and patience.


    Rockwood School Buses: (636) 733-8500




    Our families using the Rockwood Transportation system may call the Rockwood Transportation office at (636) 733-8500 for school bus information at any time throughout the school year. 


    Missouri Central School Buses: (314) 721-8657




    Our families participating in the voluntary transfer program may call the VICC Transportation office at (314) 721-8657 for school bus information.