Behavior Guidelines for Students

  • We are Kind.

    I use kind words.  I help others.  I include everyone. I accept differences.

    We are Respectful.

    I take care of my materials and items in the school.  I walk quietly in the hallway.

    We are Responsible.

    I work with others. I hang in and try, even when it's hard. I am in change of my learning.

    We are Safe.

    I am sure an adult knows where I am at all times. I help keep the learning area safe.

    We are Here to Learn.

    I ask questions. I am an academic risk-taker. I invite feedback to help me grow. I am a good listener.

    Student Expectations

    • Students are expected to participate in CCL activities in a responsible manner.
    • Students are expected to demonstrate age appropriate maturity, self-discipline and responsibility.
    • Students are expected to show respect for the dignity of self and others.
    • Students are expected to work independently or in small groups with limited supervision.
    • Students are expected to work successfully with other students in challenging and competitive activities.
    • Students are expected to engage in behaviors that are supportive to the learning environment and do not interfere with the learning environment of others.
    • Students are expected to be respectful of the work and property of others.