Choosing Rockwood Early Childhood

  • Early Childhood Education is where character education begins! This year, the Rockwood Early Childhood program was named a State School of Character for its exemplary work related to character development in young learners.

    The Rockwood Early childhood Center has a long standing reputation for excellence in educating children from birth to kindergarten entrance in programs including: Parents As Teachers, Screenings, Mini-Preschool, Half-Day Preschool, Full-Day Preschool, Diagnostics and Special Education.

    All teachers are certified by the State of Missouri in Early Childhood Education and/or Early Childhood Special Education.

    The Early Childhood Preschool program has a board-approved curriculum that is aligned with the high standards of Rockwood Curriculum.

    Rockwood’s Early Childhood program has resources available to meet the individualized needs of their learners.

Why Choose Rockwood?

  • School Board Approved Curriculum!

  • State Certified Degreed Teachers!

  • Low Student/Teacher Ratios!

  • Technology!

  • Rich and Engaging Classrooms!

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences!

  • Purposeful Play!

  • Positive Approach to Learning!