Drug-Free Programming & Goals

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    2020 Strategic Planning and Sustainability

    Coalition Programs 

    RDFC programs are implemented by coalition staff and partner organizations. If you have a program or presentation idea or need not listed here, please contact Lili Schliesser at schliesserlili@rsdmo.org.  ​

    Student Programs

    Community Assessment & Planning
    This program for grades 6-12 features the Strategic Prevention Framework model for assessing drug prevention needs within a school and developing strategies that students can implement. We teach students to analyze data and determine related risk and protectives factors to design prevention efforts and communication campaigns they can implement in their school. 
    Peers On Vaping
    This peer-to-peer vaping course can be taught to students grades 6-12 in one class period. We train peer teachers to implement the program in classrooms and empower their peers to be the next generation of tobacco-free advocates. 
    Stanford Prevention Toolkit on Vaping
    In this interactive 45-minute presentation, our staff teaches students the latest information on vaping and its effects.​

    Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness  

    Marijuana PPW is an evidence-informed program for Middle and High schoolers that prevents cannabis use and promotes protective physical activity, sports, healthy eating, and sleep habits. Prevention Plus Wellness programs are listed on the federal government’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development, and other evidence-based program registries. The program is taught by our staff in-person or in a virtual setting in under an hour. 
    Try Putting Off Drinking (TryPOD)
    This award-winning six-hour peer teaching model fro the NCADA trains high school juniors and seniors to teach freshmen and sophomores the latest research on the effects of binge drinking on the developing teen brain. 
    HiSTEP from the NCADA is a six-hour peer teaching model where high school teens learn to teach prevention lessons to students in grades 1-8. Lessons cover such topics as friendship, self-esteem, handling bullies, problem-solving, managing feelings, making healthy choices, and staying away from alcohol and other drugs. 
    NOT Tobacco Cessation
    N-O-T is an evidence-based youth tobacco cessation program, designed for regular tobacco users, including those who use e-cigarettes, who are ready to quit now.​ N-O-T tobacco cessation is taught in ten, 50-minute sessions in a small group format (6-10 participants) that emphasizes teamwork. The easy-to-use method helps teens quit by addressing total health to develop and maintain positive behaviors. Students who may benefit from this program may currently use Cigarettes; Cigars, little cigars, cigarillos; Dissolvable Products; Electronic Cigarettes (also referred to as: vape pen, e-hookah, hookah pen, or Juuling); Traditional smokeless tobacco products; or Waterpipes (also referred to as: hookah, shisha, narghile or argileh). 

    Programs for Parents, Teachers, and Community

    Vaping Education
    In this 45-minute presentation, parents learn about vaping, what vapes look like, signs of use, and what to do if a student is vaping. 
    Marijuana Education
    With Medical Marijuana coming to Missouri, there is a lot to learn and be ready for. This presentation will update parents and community on the latest information as well as risks of medical marijuana and what to do to keep kids safe. 
    District/School Data 
    This presentation covers the stats on alcohol and drug use in the district and at specific schools (middle and high). Information on high-use substances is provided as well as tactics for schools and parents to prevent and address drug and alcohol use. 
    Addiction is Real: Hidden in Plain View
    Hidden in Plain View is a traveling bedroom exhibit that we set up on-site for parents to search & explore.  The exhibit contains over 70 items that could signal involvement in risky activities including alcohol and drug use.  Parents learn how to recognize these warning signs and get prevention tips for talking with their kids about the dangers of substance use.  Hidden in Plain View can be a standalone service (Parent-Teacher Conferences, etc.), or in conjunction with our standard 45-minute presentation (recommended).