How to Quit Vaping for Teens

  • Quitting is HARD. You may experience restlessness, trouble sleeping, irritability, headaches, heightened anxiety, increased stress levels. EEK! Hang in there. There's no sure-fire method for quitting, but there are a lot of things you can do to help yourself quit. 

    • NOT is the country's leading tobacco cessation course. Taught in-person on through their virtual platform. 
    • Read this article on how to quit vaping: How to Quit Vaping
    • Share this article with a loved one who can support you (don't skip this step): Support Someone Quitting
    • Text "DITCHJUUL" to 88709 to access the Truth Initiative's e-cigarette quit program. 
    • Snack on pretzel sticks, veggie sticks, hummus, salsa, dried fruit and nuts to keep your mouth busy without too many calories.
    • Chew mint gum.
    • Use toothpicks to curb the urge to put the vape to your mouth.
    • We all have a stress ball tucked away in a junk drawer somewhere. Now's the time to get it out and use it. Keeping your hands occupied will help. A fidget spinner can help, too.