• Marijuana and Youth

    Substantial evidence from animal research and a growing number of studies in humans indicate that marijuana exposure during development can cause long-term or possibly permanent adverse changes in the brain. Some studies have even linked adolescent marijuana use with declines in IQ and cognitive functioning. 

    Missouri now has a medical marijuana program, which is having a big impact on youth. Youth perceive marijuana as harmless because of messaging around its medicinal uses. Black market marijuana may also become increasingly available, which means youth have easier access to it. It is important that youth understand the legal and health-related consequences of using marijuana. It's also important that youth know where you stand. Use the Talk About It resources to guide your conversation. 

    Have medical marijuana in the home?

    Read our guide to Medical Marijuana Safety in the Home. 

    Medical Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know

    Since medical marijuana use became legal in Missouri State, you may have heard different opinions about whether it is safe to use. You may not be sure what Missouri's laws are, or how marijuana use can affect young people.

    When it comes to protecting your child's health, it's important to remember your power as a parent. By knowing the facts, and using proven prevention strategies, you can help your child avoid using marijuana, alcohol, other drugs, and other risky behaviors.

    Read: Medical Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know

    Download the Medical Marijuana in Missouri Fact Sheet

    Medical Marijuana Facts Sheet