• Alcohol and Youth 

    Young people's growth and development continue well into their twenties. At some point before turning 21, it is possible teenagers will be confronted with alcohol- the number one drug chosen by youth. Our children are experiencing major changes in their life during adolescence that affect the way they make decisions. Parents must take an active part to help ensure their children are making the right decisions by talking about the truths and dangers of underage drinking. Keeping Kids Safe: Alcohol

    According to the 2020 MO Student Survey, 24.4% of Rockwood high schoolers reported using alcohol within the last 30 days. 53.4% of Rockwood middle and high schoolers said it is easy to access alcohol. Many adults in our community provide alcohol knowingly and unknowingly. 

    Ways to reduce underage drinking:

    • Keep alcohol locked up and away from where youth can access it. 
    • Talking to your child about the dangers of alcohol use is critically important. Use the Talk About It resources to help you in your conversation. Make sure your child knows where you stand on drug and alcohol use. 
    • Be a positive role model. Model healthy behaviors around substance use. 
    • Provide adequate supervision. Know where your child is, who they're with, and what the plans are. Use your Weekend and Party Guide to help you. 

    Social Host Ordinances

    Social Host Ordinances hold a property owner responsible for underage drinking on the premises, even when the property owner is unaware of the drinking. Currently, Wildwood, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and Ellisville have these ordinances in place. Our coalition is working with cities in RSD to ensure these ordinances are in place in every city within the district. They are a proven deterrent to underage drinking and are effective in reducing underage access to alcohol.