Why the Mustangs Play

  • While wins and losses and daily to-do lists are important, we recognize at Marquette that our goals reach far and beyond final scores and judges' cards.  On the right side of this page, you will notice each of our activity and athletic programs' individual mission statements.  We hope this serves as a reminder not only to our public and our students but to our staff as well as to our end game, hopes and wishes for our Mustangs.

    Why the Mustangs Play

    All of us involved in the Marquette High School activities program are committed to success on the stage, field, pitch, court, etc. In the process of achieving that success locally and in the here and now, we acknowledge that our greatest successes lie in the future beyond the hallways of Marquette High School.

    WE AS COACHES AND DIRECTORS promise to do our best to help develop our students in their chosen field of endeavors here at Marquette. We understand “development” means different things for different students and their individual needs. Most importantly though, we promise to do our best to be role models that our students can count on to be there for them in the here and now and after they leave Marquette. We want our students to have lasting, positive memories of their time at Marquette as well as their parents who should count on us for our work ethic, appropriate cooperation and communication.

    WE AS ATHLETES AND PERFORMERS promise to do our best to represent Marquette in a positive manner at all times both on and off the playing and performing areas. We will strive to work with our coaches and parents to make the most of our time as Mustangs so that our years beyond MHS are all that they can be.

    WE AS PARENTS promise to understand and play the vital role that our group must play in a vibrant, successful high school. Our support of our coaches/directors and our students is key to the success of everyone involved. We promise to attempt to communicate with all parties in a way that works towards constant improvement of our individual students and Marquette as a whole.

    WE ARE MARQUETTE because we appreciate our differences and use them as tools of strength to build bright futures for our greatest resource the current and future welfare of our students. Our three parties pledge to communicate with each other to work through those differences to the best of our ability.

Program Mission Statements