Parent Connections

  • A parent poses with their student in front of a car.The Rockwood Communications Department serves our parents by creating opportunities for them to be informed, be involved, and be a vital part of the Rockwood school community.  Effective, ongoing, two-way communication is at the heart of successful schools that help students succeed.

    Be Informed and Involved

    Rockwood Communications shares information via an extensive web platform that connects the district - school - teacher sites.  This information is then distributed to parents via Rockwood eNews, individual school eNewsletters and teacher pages as needed. Plus, a mobile app brings the information to your smartphone or tablet.

    Communication: Emergency Channels

    Rockwood is prepared when/if an emergency occurs in our school community. Our Communications team will keep our parents informed in a crisis situation via ParentSquare our automatic notification system - using voice, email and/or text alerts.  In addition, emergency messages are posted on websites, local media outlets, and via the district's Facebook page and Twitter account.  Our focus is a coordinated communications system, both internally and externally, regarding safety issues and crisis management.

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