Employee Communication

  • Engaged employees feel valued and involved. Internal communications play a vital role in engagement. Higher levels of engagement improve morale, boost productivity and lead to a better working environment in general.

    One Rockwood

    One Rockwood is an intranet site available to all Rockwood employees. Employees can find curriculum information, resources that help them do their jobs, assistance with technology, policies and regulations, employee benefits, plus health and wellness information on this site.

    One Rockwood provides need-to-know information to our staff. Teacher resources allow teachers to find valuable tools, such as frequently visited websites, grading and reporting information and technology support manuals. Curriculum pages on One Rockwood provide teachers with great tools to help enhance student learning.

    Employee E-Newsletters

    Every week, the Communications Department sends a "5 Things You Need to Know" e-newsletter to all staff. The email highlights different District initiatives, staff success and the latest District news. It also reminds employees of important upcoming events, such as Board of Education Meetings, special recognition days and award programs.

    Employees also receive Board Focus – a Board of Education action update – after every Board of Education meeting. This provides updates of Board discussions, actions and Policy/Regulations changes or revisions. 

    Awards and Recognitions

    Employee recognition is a communication tool that reinforces and rewards quality work. In Rockwood, we show our employees the value they add to the school district and point out specific instances where they went above and beyond in our school community. The Communications Department also manages award and recognition programs, such as the annual Cornerstone Awards, ROSE Awards and quarterly Board Awards.

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