CPO Accomplishments

  • The Crestview Parent Organization (CPO) is a proud strategic partner with the CMS administration, faculty and staff. In the 2021-22 school year, CPO was able to “ Partner for Success ” for over $14,700 in donations. Those funds were used:

    In the School... 

    • $2,350 for the All School Carnival

    • $1,700 in various Teacher and Staff appreciation events and multiple parent hospitality events throughout the year.

    • $1,700 in support of enhancing the 7th grade courtyard with additional seating and picnic table

    • $630 for additional PE supplies including a chin up bar and aerobic lights

    • $1,850 for an additional café table with seating

    • $130 for supplies for NJHS and various other special program requests

    • Various Ad hoc requests

    In the Community... 

    • $730 in support of a band concert in honor of Mr. Wilhite

    • $100 donation to the Holocaust Museum for providing a speaker for our 8th graders

    CPO also sponsored: 

    • Holiday Outreach; touched 10 CMS families during the 2021

    • Got Your Backpack; which provides weekend meals throughout the school year for numerous CMS families that wouldn’t have food otherwise.

    • Community Cares; which supports students and their families affected by tragedy or hardship. 

    • Principal’s Coffee for all CMS parents to attend, covering various relevant topics. 

    • Volunteer hours; a priceless number of parent volunteer hours on many CPO events and programs.