Tax Rate Calculator

  • The Rockwood Board of Education approved the 2021-2022 tax rate at its September 30, 2021 meeting. The rate, approved by the Missouri State Auditor, is $4.1252.  This is a decrease of 17.33 cents from last year’s tax rate of $4.2985. The operating levy will be $3.4452, and the debt service levy will remain at $0.68.

  • Why did the tax rate decrease?

  • How is the tax rate determined?

  • What does this mean in dollars for Rockwood taxpayers?

  • What else is included in my tax bill?

  • Why does Rockwood set only one tax rate that includes residential, commercial, and personal property?

  • What is the tax rate history for Rockwood School District?

Calculate Your Estimated Taxes

  • ​​Find out the amount of your tax dollars going to your local school district by using the property tax calculator below. This is an estimate only. This does not include taxes paid to ANY other taxing districts, including, but not limited to:

    • Local Fire District
    • Special School District
    • Libraries
    • Sewer District
    • Zoo, Museum District

    If you would like more information about property taxes paid to Rockwood, please call (636) 733-2021. For general information about the property reassessment process, visit St. Louis County's web site or call (314) 615-5500.