Balanced Budget Process

  • Rockwood is more than just a school district; it is a nurturing school community that fosters individual talents and encourages collaborative thinking among our district leadership and staff, as well as our 21,000 students.

    That is why the district is on track in its balanced budget process.

    According to Paul Northington, chief financial officer, the district is continuing in a fiscally sound and responsible direction. "We stay focused on conservative, prudent financial management as we monitor the budget and prepare monthly financial projections starting in November of each year."

    Budgeting Operates Within a Set Framework

    From the beginning of the budget process to the formal approval, there is considerable scrutiny of the budget to ensure district resources are being used to provide outstanding instruction and support for each and every student. The annual budget process includes the following timelines:

    • October: Request department level budgets. Receive student enrollment projections. Determine school building allocation based on projected enrollment. Review staffing levels. Project revenues.
    • November: Review budget from Superintendent and Cabinet.
    • December: Present preliminary balanced budget to the Board of Education.
    • January – April: Ongoing budget management with subsequent discussions and decisions.
    • May: Update operating funds presented to Board of Education.
    • June: Adopt budget.

    Looking to the Future of the District

    To keep the public fully informed on the school district's financial actions and health, Rockwood Finance makes monthly financial reports available. You can find the latest information on revenue and expenditures via the executive summary - projection reports, as listed below.

    During the 2016-17 school year, Rockwood began planning for significant growth in the District as new homes were scheduled to be built. Prop T was the first part of this plan as the District received approval from the Community to issue $95.5 million in bonds to address the needs of our growing Community. Our student enrollment has increased since the 2016-17 school year as noted below:

    School Year Enrollment
    2016-17 20,853
    2017-18 20,861
    2018-19 20,794
    2019-20 20,912
    2020-21 20,125
    2021-22 20,286
    2022-23 21,167 (projected)
    2023-24 21,168 (projected)
    2024-25 21,215 (projected)

    Learn more about official enrollment.

    Rockwood: A Responsible Steward

    Rockwood continues to be a responsible steward of the community's tax dollars. Our fiscal integrity earns the district top honors for its conservative, prudent budgeting. This includes a AAA rating from Standard & Poor's, a recognition earned by only four school districts in the state. In addition, the school district's financial planning and management was recognized by the Association of School Business Officials and awarded the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA).

    Learn more about Rockwood Finance and the 2021-22 Annual Budget.

Budget Documents

  • The following documents are available:

    • Annual Budgets
    • Projection Reports
    • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
    • Revenue and Expenditures (House Bill 160.66)

    View Budget Documents