Group II Fee Schedule

  • Non-profit, non-district administered activities, including but not limited to:

    1. Club sports, Junior programs, non-profit sports teams and community athletic associations, scouts
    2. Public hearings and/or public forums of tax-supported political subdivisions that are at least partially located within Rockwood School District
    3. Community-based groups, including sectarian and political


    ​​Facility ​Fee Per Hour Before 6 p.m. on School Days ​Fee Per Hour for All Other Times
    ​Elementary ​$5.00 ​$10.00​
    ​Middle School ​​$10.00 ​$20.00
    ​High School ​$12.50 ​$25.00

    Cafeteria/Commons/Multipurpose Room

    ​​Facility ​Fee Per Hour Before 6 p.m. on School Days ​Fee Per Hour for All Other Times
    ​Elementary ​$5.00 ​$10.00
    ​Elementary with Kitchen ​$10.00 ​$20.00
    ​Middle School ​$7.50 ​$15.00
    Middle School​ with Kitchen ​$12.50 ​$25.00
    ​High School ​$10.00 ​$20.00
    ​High School with Kitchen ​$15.00 ​$30.00
    ​High School with Stage (MHS) ​$15.00 ​$30.00
    ​High School with Stage/Kitchen (MHS) $20.00​ ​$40.00


    ​​Facility ​Fee Per Hour Before 6 p.m. on School Days ​Fee Per Hour for All Other Times
    ​CMS $12.50​ ​$20.00
    ​EHS/LHS/MHS/RSHS ​$20.00 ​$40.00

    Other Locations

    ​​Facility ​Fee Per Hour Before 6 p.m. on School Days ​Fee Per Hour for All Other Times
    ​Classroom ​$4.00 $8.00​
    ​Indoor Swimming Pool $35.00​ ​$35​.00
    ​​Tennis Courts ​$5.00 ​$5.00
    ​Grass field (varsity baseball/softball field not available for rent at high schools) $10.00​ ​$10.00
    ​Turf field (available at high schools only) ​$25.00 ​$25.00
    ​Field lights $8.00​ ​$8.00
    ​Indoor batting cage (EHS/MHS/RSHS; high school gym rental fee also applies) ​$5.00 ​$10.00
    ​Indoor batting cage (LHS; high school​ gym rental fee not required) ​$10.00 ​$10.00
    ​Outdoor batting cage (EHS/LHS/MHS/RSHS) ​$10.00 ​$10​.00
    ​Any non-district-sponsored camp, clinic, tournament or meet ​$12.50
    (if indoors)
    ​Track (for non-meet purposes)​ ​$10.00 ​$10.00

    Other Fees

    When applicable, personnel rates for the following positions will be charged according to hourly rates established by the District.

    • Athletic Field Personnel ($26/hr.)
    • Child Nutrition Staff ($40/hr.)
    • Custodians ($26/hr.)
    • Life Guards ($13/hr.)
    • Pool Manager ($16/hr.)
    • Theater Manager ($30/hr.)
    • Theater Technician ($15/hr.)
    • Track Supervision ($26/hr.)

    Custodial fees will begin 30 minutes prior to the time access to the facility is requested and will end when cleanup is completed after the activity (there is a minimum four hour charge for all activities on weekends). Theater personnel fees will begin when district staff are required to arrive to prepare the facility for the activity and will end when breakdown is complete following the activity (there is a minimum three hour charge for all activities). No use of equipment shall be granted without prior approval from the District. Equipment usage is subject to availability. If District personnel are required to be present during use of equipment, personnel rates will also apply.


    An invoice will be sent following completion of the activity with payment due based on terms noted on the invoice. Cancellations must be in writing to the Facility Usage office. No fee assessed if cancellation is made more than 10 business days prior to the facility use. Cancellations made 6-10 business days prior to facility use will be subject to a fee equal to 20% of the facility usage fees. Cancellations made five business days or less prior to the facility use will require full payment of the facility usage fees and any personnel rates that may apply. No group delinquent in payment for use of a facility will be approved for subsequent use of school facilities until payment is received.


    Contact the Facility Usage office at or(636) 733-2167.