Letters of Recommendation


    A minimum of 10 school days are required to process requests for Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation


    Check out this article for more: https://leebierer.com/juniors-now-is-the-time-to-ask-for-letters-of-recommendation/


    It is important to know the following information regarding requesting letters of recommendation:

    • If the application asks specifically for a "counselor" letter of recommendation, you must notify your College and Career Counselor. Be sure to complete the FERPA Release and Recommendation Waiver in SCOIR, submit the Counselor Information Sheet, Parent Brag Sheet (optional), and Transcript Request Form and allow a minimum of 10 school days for processing.
    • Some colleges require letters of recommendation from teachers. We recommend asking teachers in one of your core classes (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science) to write these letters. Communicate deadlines clearly and provide a minimum of 10 school days' notice.  Please don’t ask them at the last minute! 
    • The request for a recommendation needs to come personally from you - not from your parents.
    • If you apply using CommonApp, teachers can upload their recommendations directly through the link they receive when you make the request. Add them as teacher recommenders, and then click "invite recommenders". Do not invite them without speaking to them first. 
    • If applications ask you to waive the right to see your letter of recommendation, we highly recommend that you do it. 
    • Be ready to give the teacher a résumé if they ask for one. However, the focus of their letter should be on your performance in their classroom. If you completed an especially good research paper or project for the class--a specific incident that you would like them to mention, feel free to suggest they incorporate it in the letter.
    • Important! Follow up with your teachers at a later date and thank them for their time and assistance.


    Counselor Info Sheet and Parent Brag Sheet

    We use these documents to assist us in getting to know you and when writing letters of recommendation. The more thorough you are in completing these forms, the more specific and detailed our letters can be. Please note: You can be thorough without being lengthy; be selective when considering what information to include and try to use details that are not already found on your application or other documents. If your application does not require a "Counselor" Letter of Recommendation, please DO NOT submit these forms.


    Teacher Information Sheet  

    The Teacher Information Sheet can be used to provide important information to teachers when requesting letters of recommendation. It will help them to include quality content and remind them of the amazing student you were while in their classroom.