Low Balance Procedures

  • An array of fruit and vegetables presented in the shape of an island and palm treesIn Rockwood, we are proud to provide our students with healthy meals every school day. As part of our child nutrition program, we also work to keep families informed of fund balances in meal accounts.

    Providing Healthy School Meals

    Nourishing our Students: All Rockwood students have access to healthy meals. If students do not have adequate funds in their account, they will receive a balanced meal that includes a variety of protein, grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy. The USDA identifies this as a reimbursable lunch when children select at least three of the five items offered, with one selection being a fruit or vegetable.

    Extras and a la Carte Items: If a student does not have adequate funds in the meal account, and he or she selects an unwrapped a la carte item (e.g., slice of pizza), the account will be charged for the item. If a student selects a pre-packaged a la carte item (e.g., flavored water, snacks or extra milk), he or she will be asked to return these items and choose the reimbursable meal.

    Keeping Parents Informed of Account Balances

    On Tuesdays, Rockwood Child Nutrition will send an email message to parents/guardians who have children with negative account balances.

    At the school level, child nutrition managers will contact parents/guardians via a personal phone call or email message when the meal account has a negative balance of $10. When the meal account reaches a negative balance of $15 or more, managers will notify school administrators who will contact the parent/guardian.

    Elementary cafeteria managers will send meal money envelopes with a brief low balance memo to the student's teacher to be added to the student's weekly folder. Account balance information for elementary students will not be shared at the register, unless the student initiates a question about the account. Middle and high school cafeteria cashiers will inform students at the register when their account balance drops to $10 or less.

    Helping Families Financially

    The Rockwood School District participates in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. This allows families the opportunity to apply for free-and-reduced meals benefits. Applications are available in your school's office and online or you can contact Rockwood Child Nutrition at (636) 733-3250.

    Did You Know?

    Families can stay informed about low balances in their child's meal accounts. Check out how to set low balance alerts on the free Rockwood mobile app or MySchoolBucks.

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.