Helpful Tips and FAQ

  • Helpful Tips

    • Create and use an appropriate and professional personal email address for everything college-related. Do not register for events, or sign up for anything using your Rockwood ( email address because you will not have access to it after graduation.
    • Some colleges will use SendEDU or other methods for requesting transcripts and other documents. If you encounter a way to request a transcript or other documents directly from the college application, please note, you must still follow the MHS procedure to request that your transcript be sent. Documents will not be sent without an official Transcript Request Form submission.
    • School Profile - Some applications may ask for your class rank. Rockwood does not rank students. Colleges have access to our School Profile which gives them a breakdown of the current Senior Class GPAs and other important information about Marquette. You can also view this document on our website:
    • SCOIR - If you have not already logged into your SCOIR account, please email your College and Career Counselor to request a new invitation. Ms. Torgoley (A-K) or Ms. Ake (L-Z)
    • Enroll in, or continue to work toward, the A+ Program. The deadline for Seniors to enroll is September 29, 2021. Even if you do not attend a community college, some schools in the state of Missouri offer incentives for completing A+.

     Parents/Guardians may begin to complete the FAFSA beginning October 1st: Check college deadlines for submitting FAFSA information - could affect scholarships and other aid opportunities 




    Going on a campus tour? 

    When visiting a college campus, your tour guide may be a current student or an admissions office representative. Below is a list of possible questions to ask while you are there to get a better understanding of what they have to offer and what your experience might be like if you attend

    Questions to Ask on a College Visit


    Use the College Comparison Worksheet to stay organized and do your research!


    Have a question about the College & Career process? Check out our How-To Guide:

    College and Career How-To's


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