• Early Graduation/Release

    Once students have met graduation requirements, they have the option to graduate early.  If you know that you are interested in utilizing this option, make sure that you are working with your comprehensive counselor when creating your schedule each semester.  Also, reach out to your College and Career Counselor to determine any implications this decision could have on college application, scholarships, playing sports, A+, etc.. 

    Dual Enrollment

    This option is for students who do not want to/do not have the option to graduate early, but would like to start earning college credit before they graduate.  By utilizing dual enrollment, students are enrolled both at Lafayette High School and St. Louis Community College.  Students must still maintain 6 classes/18 hours between these two institutions.  If you are interested in this option, please reach out to your college and career counselor!

    Senior Incentive

    Seniors have the option of earning one unscheduled period each semester.  The student must meet a set of criteria outlined in the application.  Be sure to read the application form carefully as the state requires us to code these students as part time students. 

    2021-2022 Senior Incentive First Semester with Letter