Grants Awarded 2021-2022

  • Name Grant
    Lockwood - Principal Diversity and inclusion books for the classroom
    Parker - Principal Recess Equipment
    Robinson - 2nd grade STEM boxes, step stools, chart paper, phonics supplies
    Swoboda - 3rd grade book bins for organizing class library
    Ackerson - Kindergarten chair pockets for storage and organization
    Jansson - 3rd grade classroom easel
    Wathen - 5th grade Flocabulary subscription
    O'Connell - Kindergarten chair pockets for storage and organization
    Starling - Library book display bins
    Armstrong - Office 3 two-way radios
    Korte - 4th grade Vocabulary A-Z program
    Lamb - 5th grade 5th grade speakers: portrayals of an enslaved woman from the 1800s and Abraham Lincoln
    O'Connell - Kindergarten ESGI Subscription
    Kelly - Kindergarten Kindergarten Learning Rug
    Sprock - 4th grade Revolutionary Ward speaker
    Hill - 3rd grade Iditarod Web Site Subscription
    Parker - Principal Rewards for Running Club milestones
    Lamb - 5th grade Abraham Lincoln speaker
    Haug - 1st grade Abraham Lincoln speaker
    Campbell - 3rd grade Comic book artist guest speaker
    Lamb - 5th grade Oregon Trail STEM lab day, markers for completing graphic novels
    Lamb - 5th grade Civil War speaker
    Bizelli - Music ukeleles and storage
    Tronicek - International Night Brazilian band leader for international night
    Tronicek - International Night culture kits
    Starling and Overby - Library Books for student book club "Mondays with Mark Reading club"