Infinite Campus Portal Instructions

  • What?
    2023-2024 Online Course Registration
    Parent accounts:
    Student accounts:
    January 27, 2023 @ 7:00 AM through February 6, 2023 at 4:00 pm
    Needed Items:
    Course Selection Sheet, Campus Portal Account (student or parent)

    General Guidelines for Course Selection

    • Courses automatically save as they are selected
    • Select core classes first, then select zero hour courses (if applicable)
    • Select 14 courses and 4 alternates courses
      • Students electing to take zero hour will have 15 or 16 courses and 4 alternate courses
    • All online requests are treated equally, with no preference order


    High School Online Registration Instructions 2023-24 (PDF)


    1. Log On

    • Log on to Portal with a valid User Name and Password
      • Student: User Name is the student's first initial of first name, entire last name and last three digits of student number
      • Parent: Log on and select the student for whom courses are being selected


    2. Request Courses

    1. Click the Add Course button. A list of courses available for selection displays
    2. Begin typing the name of the course in the Search field. Matching results display below the search field
    3. Select the desired Course. Information about that course (how many units and a description of the course) displays
    4. Add the course by clicking Add Request, or, click the Add Alternate button. This adds the course as an alternate course in case you cannot be scheduled into other courses
    5. Return to the Add Course screen by clicking Back


    Course Search: For a faster way to request courses

    1. Search for the course.
    2. Click the blue plus sign on the left.
    3. In the popup message that displays, select Request, Alternate, or Cancel.


    Repeat these steps until you have a complete schedule.


    3. Review Course Requests

    • When course selection is complete, review the requests you have made and make adjustments as needed
    • If you are satisfied with your requests, click the Print button to generate a PDF of your required and requested courses


    4. Print Request Summary

    • Click the Print Request Summary button to print the request
    • Sign and submit the form to the school counselor



    Request assistance by sending an email message to Infinite Campus Portal Help.