General College Admission Requirements and Recommendations

  • Requirements for admission to college will depend on the college to which you are applying, and the kind of program you expect to pursue. For example, a student planning to enter one of the most highly competitive colleges in the country may need to meet more demanding entrance requirements than a student planning to enter a state school or a community college. Four-year colleges and universities may have specific requirements in certain subject areas in addition to a certain level of GPA performance and college admission test scores.

    The best approach to college planning is to strive to keep options open by taking a good distribution of academic coursework all four years of high school, with as much preparation in each area as possible. You should begin planning early for college so you will have the necessary requirements when it is time to apply to the college of your choice. Many colleges and universities are increasing admission requirements, especially in the area of core courses. Parents and students should check individual institutions for specific requirements and work closely with your school counselor and college/career specialist at your high school.

    Rockwood professional counselors and college/career specialists recommend that college bound students, whenever appropriate, consider taking the following courses:

    • Four (4) units of English
    • Four (4) units of Mathematics: Algebra 1 and above
    • Four (4) units of Science
    • Four (4) units of Social Studies
    • Four (4) units of a single World Language
    • One (1) unit of Fine Arts

    Following these guidelines will help prepare the student for entrance requirements at the majority of colleges and universities throughout the country. These recommendations, particularly for students in competitive colleges or career fields, should be seen as minimum requirements. Some programs within those universities will have their own additional requirements. Conversely, some universities will not require all of the above. In all scenarios, students must also meet the Rockwood requirements for graduation.