About Spark!

  • What Makes Spark! Unique?

    • Students from Parkway and Rockwood School Districts work collaboratively through their participation in Spark!
    • Students pursue a personal direction based on an understanding of their talents and interests while accessing a frequently iterated curriculum shaped by industry partners based on the latest industry trends.
    • Students are supported by a robust network of business and community partners.
    • Students learn at off-site, authentic workspaces during school hours for academic credit.
    • Students co-create their Spark! experiences based on their interests with feedback from peers and mentors.

    Meet the Team

    Brandon Franck

    Engineering Program Director

    Xanthe Meyer

    Incubator Program Director

    Meredith Jacques

    Bioscience Program Director

    Michael Palmer

    Technology Solutions Program Director

    Angie Harrell

    Preprofessional Health Sciences Program Director

    Martha Ehrlich

    Teaching and Learning Program Director