Rockwood Task Force: 2021-2022

  • Purpose

    Accomplishing the mission of the Rockwood School District is dependent upon an ongoing, collaborative partnership between the district and our school community. A Rockwood Task Force: 2021-2022 will help us prepare for the upcoming school year.


    The process will begin in early February and the work will be completed by May 2021. A series of Zoom meetings will connect the task force in discussion to bring voices and perspectives to ongoing conversations. Various individuals and subcommittees will provide regular updates on current work to determine alignment and consensus in this districtwide effort.

    Guiding Parameters

    The task force members understand that it is critical to look at different options and be flexible in our response to students and staff in the coming year. ALT members have designed some parameters to guide this work in the coming months:

    • We will continue to provide our students with the best of a traditional, in-person education while continuing to provide high-quality online education.  
    • We will review courses knowing that some work better in a face-to-face setting, and some classes can work well in both an in-person and virtual model.
    • We will ask teachers to primarily focus on one instructional method so they can give their best and full attention to our students.
    • We will review all learning methods to meet the needs of students at various grade levels: early childhood, elementary, middle and high school.
    • We will keep our focus on COVID-19 mitigation efforts to keep our school environments as safe and healthy as possible.
    • We will be financially responsible in this time of uncertain revenues due to the pandemic.

    Task Force Members

    A cross-section of RSD administrators, principals, teachers, staff, students and parents will serve on the task force to research, analyze and consider established parameters, then develop the best proposals moving forward. Dr. Lisa Counts, assistant superintendent supervision of schools, will lead this special team. 

    • ALT members: Dr. Lisa Counts, Dr. Dave Cobb, Dr. Shelley Willott, Dr. Terry Harris, Dr. Katie Reboulet, Deborah Ketring, Paul Northington and Mary LaPak.
    • School and Department Administrators: Amy Wehr, Dr. Carmen Harris, Chris Freund, Glenn Hancock, Dr. Renee Trotier, Dr. Danielle Vogelsang, Aaron Wilken and Dr. Steve Hankins.
    • Teachers: Laura Baker, Brent Pearson, Megan Jaeger, Jordan Espinosa, Kyle Denny, Laura Edwards and Lisa Schneider.
    • Parents: Christy Pitney, Gina Jensen ~  Students: Jaylah Walker, Jillian Cole.


    • FEBRUARY: PHASE 1 - Research and Analysis
      Wednesday, Feb. 10 from 4-5 p.m.
      Feb. 10 Meeting Recap
    • MARCH: PHASE 2 - Review of Plan 2021-2022
      Wednesday, March 10 from 4-5 p.m.
      March 10 Meeting Recap
      March 10 Meeting Recording
    • APRIL: PHASE 3 - Review of Pandemic Crisis Planning
      Wednesday, April 14 from 4-5 p.m.
      April 14 Meeting Recap
      April 14 Meeting Recording
    • MAY: PHASE 4 – Feedback on Proposal
      Monday, May 10 from 4-5 p.m.
      May 10 Meeting Recap
      May 10 Meeting Recording

    Coming next: 2021-2025

    The ALT will align all work with The Way Forward to ensure we fulfill our promise to our Rockwood students and school community. Our Rockwood goal leaders will continue this work with regular updates on progress toward these goals and objectives: SUCCESS

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