Incoming 6th Grade Students

  • Students entering Sixth Grade register for classes in two stages.

    Stage 1: January 27-February 6, 2023 Elective/Exploratory Course Selection

    During this registration window, students choose only elective and exploratory classes. Elective courses are scheduled for the entire year. Exploratory courses are scheduled for one academic quarter each.

    • Students identify whether they wish to enroll in band, choir, or orchestra.
    • Students identify exploratory choices. Those in band, choir, or orchestra choose 4; those not enrolled in a music class choose 8 (in some buildings, that may be all of the exploratory courses).

    Please review the enrollment directions from your child's middle school to determine whether this step is completed electronically or by submitting a paper form.

    Stage 2: March 2023 Challenge and Math Course Placement

    Before Spring Break, parents will receive an email outlining placements recommendations for their incoming 6th grade student.

    • Families are encouraged to discuss placement recommendations and their preferences.
    • Families submit final challenge preferences by the date specified in the placement email.