Course Selection

  • Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of interests in middle school. It is important to think about middle school as a time to learn new things and avoid narrowing student's academic focus. Choosing coursework that interests the student is important. Families are encouraged to discuss the courses available before making selections.

    Registration Reminders

    Challenge Course Notes

    • Middle school is a great time to try out challenging coursework before entering high school. Families need to determine the best number of challenging courses for their student.
    • Choosing not to enroll in challenge courses in middle school does not prevent a student from enrolling in Honors or AP in high school.

    World Language Course Notes

    • Many colleges and universities have a World Lanugage requirement that ranges from 2-4 years.
    • Students are able to complete one year of World Language credit in middle school.
    • Students choosing not to take World Language in middle school are able to complete 4 years of World Language in high school.

    General Registration Timeline

    • Students are only enrolling in electives and exploratory during the January 28-Feb. 4, 2022 registration window.
    • Challenge placement takes place in March 2022.