High School Program Design Committee

  • Purpose

    The purpose of this evaluation is to review the program design of our Rockwood high schools. We will examine our current realities, as well as research ways to improve our programs.  This evaluation will address our goals for Student Learning within our Strategic Plan.


    We'll utilize a framework that provides a Steering Committee and a Working Committee to address the following:

    • Explore the best possible high school experience for our students.
    • Determine research strategies and review data.
    • Engage committee members to review possibilities within the program design.
    • Ensure we have the resources to move forward – if a recommendation has a cost factor.
    • Communicate program designs and strategies with our school community.
    • Share an action plan for outcomes.

    The High School Program Design Committee included four subcommittees at the onset of its work: College and Career Readiness, Innovative Instruction, Social/Emotional Learning and Student Engagement. As the work continues, these groups will combine to form the Scheduling subcommittee.

    At the conclusion of this evaluation, Rockwood will have an assessment of a high school program design that will help shape future planning.  The outcome is a program that is fiscally responsible and effective in addressing the needs of our students and their learning.




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