Professional Development Committee

  • Purpose

    The Rockwood Professional Development Committee (PDC) is composed of certified staff representatives from each school, in addition to ex-officio representatives from the Rockwood NEA, Special School District, District Content Facilitators, the President's PTO Forum parent rep, administrator from each school level, Data Analyst, Instructional Technology Specialist, and the Director and Coordinator of Professional Learning. The PDC has responsibility as stated in the Excellence in Education Act of 1985 and the Outstanding Schools Act of 1993. The Committee meets once a month during the school year to plan activities and to provide support and assistance for professional learning as outlined in the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP).

    2021-2022 Professional Development Committee Members

    School Name Three-Year Term Expires
    Babler Elementary Collin Overby 2023
    Ballwin Elementary Genevieve Betz 2023
    Blevins Elementary Jessica Messmer 2023
    Bowles Elementary Hannah Tucker (finishing Megan Price's term) 2023
    Chesterfield Elementary Meredith Anderson 2023
    Ellisville Elementary Emily Shockley 2022
    Eureka Elementary Lindsay Kuehl 2022
    Fairway2020 Elementary Becky Knight 2022
    Geggie Elementary Sheri Slattery 2022
    Green Pines Elementary Megan Jaeger (Haley Cronin will cover FY22) 2024
    Kehrs Mill Elementary Lisa Bushnell 2022
    Kellison Elementary Christine Rhodes 2022
    Pond Elementary Lacey Mensing 2024
    Ridge Meadows Elementary Meghan Hayes 2022
    Ridge Meadows Elementary Ali Pennycuick, Elementary Chair 2022
    Stanton Elementary Amy Menke (finishing Shannon Smith's term) 2023
    Uthoff Valley Elementary Robin Chamberlin 2023
    Westridge Elementary Anne Reed 2022
    Wild Horse Elementary Brian Hultquist 2022
    Woerther Elementary Stacey Evans 2024
    Center for Creative Learning Christina Berwin, Elementary Co-chair 2024
    Early Childhood Claire Kinsella 2024
    Crestview Middle School Elizabeth Buesteton 2023
    Crestview Middle School Sally Huster 2022
    LaSalle Springs Middle School Bergen Toth 2024
    LaSalle Springs Middle School Maryanne Moosmann, Secondary Chair 2022
    LaSalle Springs Middle School Kory Wisdom (finishing Maryanne Moosmann's term) 2022
    Rockwood South Middle School Larissa Bray 2022
    Rockwood South Middle School Sam Ericson 2024
    Rockwood Valley Middle School Liz Kraemer 2024
    Rockwood Valley Middle School Lindsay Orr 2022
    Selvidge Middle School Ronelle Rapp 2022
    Selvidge Middle School Angela Goodman (finishing Julie Bagheri's term) 2022
    Wildwood Middle School Emily Goodman (finishing Lindsay Gamel's term) 2022
    Wildwood Middle School Leigh Mills 2022
    Eureka High School Andy Ribbing, Secondary Co-chair 2024
    Eureka High School Katie Schulze (finishing Sarah Goodman's term) 2022
    Lafayette High School Natasha Fischer 2024
    Lafayette High School Brian Fish 2022
    Marquette High School Lauren Williams 2022
    Marquette High School Erin Sullenger (finishing Brendan Taylor's term) 2022
    Rockwood Summit High School Sarah Moonier 2023
    Rockwood Summit High School Kimberly Lackey (finishing Kacey Schlotz's term) 2022
    Special School District Nicole Tucker 2023


    School Name Two-Year Term Expires
    Elementary Principal Lorinda Krey (Fairway Elementary; finishing Lynn White's term) 2022
    Middle School Principal Gary Jansen (Crestview Middle School) 2023
    High School Principal Emily McCown (Rockwood Summit High School) 2023


    Role Name Two-Year Term Expires
    Parent Representative (Secondary) Gina Jensen 2023

    Miscellaneous Representatives

    Title Name Three-Year Term Expires
    Curriculum Coordinator Jordan McGaughey 2022
    Data Analyst Elissa Perrin 2022
    Instructional Technology Specialist Ellen Downs 2023
    RNEA (Secondary) Thomas Cook, Marquette High School 2024


    Title Name
    Director of Learning Development Renee Trotier
    Coordinator of Professional Learning Dawnette Wiskur

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