Wellness Committee

  • Purpose

    The primary goals of the School Health Advisory Council are to promote student health and safety, facilitate student learning of lifelong healthy habits and increase student achievement. The program focuses on key areas including; nutrition, physical activity, and an environment that promotes and supports the health and well-being of the whole child.

    Committee Members

    Amy Wehr (facilitator), Paul Northington, Dr. Keith Kinder, Carmen Fischer, Wendy Shaw, Alyssa Hesser, Cheri Buettmann, Suzanne Buchholz, Valerie Peterson, Andrew Shin, Angie Nichols, James Alsup, Katie Seversen, Toni Berhorst, Sandi Barretts, Mary Jo Hunter, Katie Reuss, Matt Coppin, Meghan Porter, Lili Schliesser, Todd Minichiello, Lisa Del Pizzo, Kathryn Wenger, Kate Moore Gieseler, Jana Ramsey, Soham Saraf, Riya Aradhyula, Harshini Malarvannan, Shamini Ravichandra​n

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