Students Stay Connected with StudentSquare

  • StudentSquare is a safe and secure communication and workflow center between educators and students. With StudentSquare, you can communicate with students using posts or direct messages. Posts are best when communicating with the class, grade, groups of students, or your student population at your school, while Direct Messages are best when communicating with individual or a small group of students. Students are allowed to appreciate and comment on a post and initiate direct messages with teachers and group owners. Other helpful features for students include Calendars and RSVPs, Forms, Appointments, Sign-Ups, and Student Groups. Students can use StudentSquare either on the web, the StudentSquare app and also via email.

  • Download our FREE StudentSquare app for iOS or Android. This is the easiest way for Students to receive all Posts, Events, Sign Up Requests, Photos and Files. Students can enable text notifications when a message is posted.

    Log in to StudentSquare

    Your school has created your account using the email and/or phone number they have on record for you. In most cases, your school has assigned you an email address or they may use Google for account access.

    1. After you download and install the StudentSquare app to your device, you can either enter your school email address or phone number in the top area or use the Sign In with Google option to begin.
    2. If using Google for your school email access, you can use this button as a Single-Sign On to begin. 

    You can also sign-in using the website:

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