School Social Workers

  • Rockwood school social workers are instrumental in furthering the mission of our school district by providing a caring environment for teaching, learning and for the attainment of competence and confidence. They are trained professionals who assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents and administrators. They also provide individual and group counseling/therapy.

Contact Information

  • High Schools

    ​​Name ​School ​Rockwood
    Phone Number
    April Welch ​Eureka High ​(636) 733-3131​​​
    Cindy Laudel​ ​Lafayette High ​(636) 891-6134
    Taylor Decker​   ​Marquette High (636) 891-6031
    Melissa Feig​ ​Rockwood Summit High ​(636) 891-6135

    Middle Schools

    ​​Name ​Schools ​Rockwood
    Phone Number
    Elizabeth Kacena ​Crestview Middle​ ​(636) 891-6979​​​
    ​Jenna Lovewell LaSalle Springs Middle ​(636) 733-4228
    ​TBD​ Rockwood South Middle ​(636) 891-6879
    Zana Phillips​​ ​Rockwood Valley Middle ​(636) 733-4298
    Amanda Lehman Selvidge Middle ​(636) 891-6139
    Caitlin Seiler​ Wildwood Middle ​(636) 733-4257

    Elementary Schools

    ​​Name ​School​ ​Rockwood
    Phone Number
    Julia Solter ​Babler, Chesterfield, Green Pines, Ellisville & Pond ​(636) 891-6132​​​
    Bridget Poston Ballwin, Kehrs Mill, Wild Horse, Westridge & Woerther ​(636) 891-6137
    Alex Conn Blevins, Geggie, Eureka, Fairway & Ridge Meadows ​(636) 733-2185
    Sierra Gribble ​Bowles, Kellison, Uthoff Valley & Stanton ​(636) 733-2096​

    Early Childhood

    ​​Name ​Rockwood
    Phone Number
    Michelle Crain ​(636) 891-6219
    Patricia Schaefer-Hernan ​(636) 891-6268

Contact Information