• Mental Health Tip for the Week:

    This week's mental health tip is all about self-determination. Often, when a young person or someone close to us is in distress, it can cause us distress because we are not sure how to help them.  Instead of feeling stuck in that desperate feeling of wanting to 'fix it' or spinning your wheels with suggestions, try this instead:  
    Simply ask; What do you think would help you most right now?  1) to talk about it, 2) have a distraction, or 3) take some space for yourself?  
    This provides them with a sense of support and total respect for where they are; it also helps them frame out what they need, because often we can't identify what we need when our brains are stressed.  It's also a great strategy to use for yourself when you feel a little overwhelmed with a situation; ask yourself what you need most at that moment....to talk about it, have a distraction, or take some space.   
    - This week's MHT was brought to you by Regina Whittington, Social Emotional Behavior Specialist for RSD. 

    Hazel Heart Teletherapy

    As part of continuing efforts to provide services that support student wellness, Rockwood has expanded its partnership with Hazel Heart to offer free behavioral teletherapy for students. Use the link to view the flyer and get started: Hazel Teletherapy

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