DEI Champions

  • Our work ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion are vital to the success of all students: that we welcome and embrace our diversity, that we ensure equal opportunities for all students and that all students and staff feel welcome and valued in Rockwood. In September, 2022, we approved DEI champions for schools across the district. Their aim is to support DEI work in our schools and network as champions across the district. Here are just some examples of their work:

      • Rockwood South Middle has a Human Rights Group that has existed there for at least eight years. Their work includes learning more about the multiple cultures represented in their school and promoting and celebrating the heritage month awareness topics. 

      • All 19 elementary schools have a committee of either students or staff dedicated to this work. They promote cultural awareness through events, bulletin boards, speakers and storytelling.

      • Marquette High has both a parent DEI group and a student DEI group with the “butterfly effect” theme that small actions can bring about significant change. The parents organized a speaker series, which was open to all students. The students started a beautification project with murals and artwork across the campus promoting inspirational thoughts from students. They are currently working on a film festival and a student panel around the theme “What I Wish You Knew.”