Class of 2023



    Some colleges and universities require a mid-year (7th semester) transcript as part of the application process. If a school you have applied to falls into this category, and you have already requested your original transcript, then please use the Mid-Year Transcript Request Form to ask us to send the updated transcript after the end of the first semester.


    Once you have scheduled an appointment with your College and Career Counselor, use this checklist to prepare and write down any questions you have ahead of time: Senior Meeting Checklist  

    If you no longer need your appointment, email your College and Career Counselor and/or College Center Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Coyle immediately. 

    Mrs. Torgoley (A-K)

    Ms. Ake (L-Z)

    Mrs. Coyle, Administrative Assistant

    Still have questions about the College & Career process? Check out our How-To Guide: College and Career How-To's

    When applying to a college or university that requires an "OFFICIAL" transcript, you must submit the Transcript Request Form*  

    Submit 1 form per school (if applying to 5 schools, submit the form 5 times)

    * In order for us to send official transcripts, you must sign the FERPA Release section in SCOIR. If you need another invitation to SCOIR or have questions or concerns about the process, please reach out to your College and Career Counselor via email. 

    You can access your "unofficial" transcript in Infinite Campus to use for self-reporting grades or to take on a campus visit.

    If you are using CommonApp: In order for us to upload a transcript to your CommonApp account, you must enter the email address of your College Counselor and invite us as your "COUNSELOR RECOMMENDER". CLICK HERE to read CommonApp Understanding the Recommendation Process

    For colleges and universities that REQUIRE a counselor letter of recommendation, you must also submit the:

    Counselor Information Sheet

    Parent Brag Sheet  (optional)

     Be sure to list the application deadline set by the college on the Transcript Request Form when a letter is REQUIRED as part of the application process.

    If a teacher is writing a letter of recommendation for your application, either provide them with a resume, a list of your accomplishments, and/or the Teacher Info Sheet

    When submitting applications, often you will be asked to report data about your school and graduating class. Use the School Profile to find GPA distributions, class size, and more: 2022-2023 School Profile

    The Senior Planning Timeline and Countdown to College information below will help you get a sense of the things you should be doing to prepare for college and the application process. Keep in mind, that not everything is applicable to every student and the lists do not necessarily include every single step. This is a starting point for you, a way to start thinking about what is to come and how to prepare. 

    Senior Planning Timeline

    Countdown to College

    Going on a campus tour? 

    When visiting a college campus, your tour guide may be a current student or an admissions office representative. Below is a list of possible questions to ask while you are there to get a better understanding of what they have to offer and what your experience might be like if you attend.

    Questions to Ask on a College Visit

    Use the College Comparison Worksheet to stay organized and do your research!

    Need help writing a resume or acing the college essay? Check out the links below! 

    Writing a Resume

    Acing the College Essay