Parkway Swim Club-Rockwood Swim Club Update

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    Thank you for your interest in the Parkway and Rockwood Swim Clubs. This page has been created to share updates regarding upcoming discussions related to a collective future between the swim clubs. 

    Below are answers to frequently asked questions based on information that is known at this time. NOTE: As more information becomes available over the coming year, FAQs with updated information will be noted with an ‘UPDATE’ at the beginning of the question. The goal is to provide updates on a monthly basis as they become available.  

    Provide Feedback
    We know that families may have valuable feedback for the aquatics staff to consider during their planning. An electronic form has been created where feedback can be provided at any time. While information submitted through the form may not receive individual replies, the information will be reviewed as it is received.
    Submit feedback now.

    Created: July 22, 2022

    Updated: Sept. 16, 2022

    Updated: Dec. 21, 2022

    Updated: January 30, 2023

    Updated March 7, 2023

    Updated March 17, 2023

    Updated April 11, 2023

    Updated April 21, 2023

    Updated May 11, 2023 (updated FAQ's noted with 'Updated' in front; FAQ's have been added at bottom of page regarding the learn-to-swim program)


  • UPDATE: Why haven’t the coaches been invited to any meetings at this point?

  • UPDATE: We love our swim club coaches. Would any coaches lose their jobs?

  • UPDATE: I’m concerned that group sizes could become too large and my child would no longer receive individual attention from their coach to help them improve their swimming skills. How would this be handled?

  • UPDATE: I’m concerned my child could get left behind in a combined larger club because coaches will only focus on the fastest swimmers.

  • UPDATE: I’m concerned that practice locations and times could become less convenient. How would this be handled?

  • UPDATE: I’m concerned that a combined club could create issues with attending swim meets as there would be too many swimmers from the combined club. How would this be handled?

  • UPDATE: Would my swim club fees increase if the clubs are combined?

  • UPDATE: Will swim club families have an opportunity to provide input and feedback?

  • What are some potential benefits of having a combined swim club?

  • What would be the role of the Parkway Swim Club and Rockwood Swim Club parent booster groups in a combined club?

  • Is this a ‘done deal’ or is it possible the swim clubs will not combine?

  • The two clubs have different coaching styles. How would this work in a combined club?

  • The two clubs have different cultures. I’m concerned that with a larger club, we could lose the sense of community that we have now. How would this be handled?

  • What is the timeline if the swim clubs were to combine?

  • How can I share feedback about having a combined club?