Elementary Math Acceleration

  • At the elementary level, we work to build a solid mathematical foundation and positive mathematics self-esteem by meeting the needs of each individual student. Just as we do for any subject, teachers differentiate their instruction between students that have unfinished learning, are ready for grade-level materials, or need enrichment. Resources are available to help meet all of these needs. On occasion, there are students that need two or more years above grade-level material. In these cases, each spring, data is examined to see if students need to be assessed for subject area grade-skipping.

    Qualifications for being assessed:

    • School Referral showing that differentiated grade level instruction is not meeting the student's needs
    • 98 percentile or above on Fall AND Winter Star assessments
    • Parent approval for testing

    Qualifications for subject area grade-skipping:

    • A STAR test scale score greater than 90 percentile 1 year above grade level OR 99 percentile on an additional nationally normed assessment
    • AND greater than 70% on assessment of standards being skipped
    • Parent Approval