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Rockwood School District

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Tamara Jo Rhomberg

smiling headshot of Tamara Jo Rhomberg, Board candidate

Personal Information:
I am a 40 plus year resident in Rockwood. I am a parent, a grandparent, a previous staff member and an administrator (23 years) in the district, an adjunct professor at Webster University (30 years) and an incumbent member of the Board of Directors (7 years). During my terms as a BOE member, I have served on The Way Forward, the RAP, and the COPE Committees. 

Past Experience:
I have been an active leader in both the local and state literacy associations and was awarded the 2012 Celebrate Literacy Award of the Missouri Council of the International Literacy Association.  As a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, I regularly volunteer at Rockwood Gives Back. My years of education and leadership provide me with the experience to handle district issues.  My volunteer experiences give me a unique perspective on leadership and prepare me to have an active and objective voice as a board member. I am a good listener allowing me to hear alternative sides to issues and then work toward a compatible compromise with all stakeholders.

I am passionate about the education of Rockwood students, compassionate to the needs of staff and parents, and dedicated to the Rockwood School District community.

273 Avalon Hills Drive
Fenton, MO 63026