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Student Involvement in the Drug-Free Coalition


​​​​​​You think everybody's doing it?  They're not!

If you're making good choices about drugs and alcohol, you can find people who think like you do.  They are right in your own school and community.

Annual PSA & Poster Contest

​​Our substance abuse prevention contest is open to all middle school and high school youth who live or attend school in Rockwood.  We invite art, graphic design, broadcasting, and other teachers to support the contest by encouraging student participation and incorporating the project into curriculum areas where possible. Find information on the latest contest here.​ 

​​Community Evaluation & Planning

Work with CPiP to evaluate substance issues in your school and work to address the needs of your fellow students. We work with student groups such as Teenage Health Consultants, SADD, and other leadership and health-focused groups. 


Students interested in learning more about substance abuse prevention are invited to attend conferences throughout the​ year, then bring their strengthened prevention knowledge and leadership skills back into Rockwood to make a difference. Examples include:

  • Red Ribbon Week training in September and early October
  • "Speak Hard" youth advocacy event in Jefferson City in late March
  • Teen Institute 4-day retreat for high school students in June
  • Prevention leadership conference for high school and middle school students in early November​

The Coalition offers scholarships for students to attend most of these events.

​Volunteer Opportunities

There are several opportunities throughout the school year and summer to become involved.  Attend a coalition meeting​ to find out more!