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Project Interface


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What is Project ​Interface?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Interface is a unique, unpaid summer internship opportunity that places students in a career area of their interest. The program is offered to qualified Rockwood High School students the summer leading into their senior year of high school. 

  • Project Interface provides students with career exploration opportunities while allowing them to gain practical real-world experience in a field of interest.
  • Students are partnered with a business professional in the students' area of interest​. Students then complete a custom-designed project developed by Project Interface Program Managers with input from the business partner. The Project Design is written to benefit both the student and the business partner.
  • Successful students receive 1/2 of a CTE credit after documenting a minimum of 75 hours on their projects. The program includes student observation, research, meetings, and interviews at the business site. The project culminates in a presentation by the students to the business team and Rockwood staff.

What do Project Interface Alum Have to Say About the Program?​


​Business Partners! Are you Interested in Hosting an Intern?

Hosting a summer intern is a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to give back to their community by helping students to be better prepared for the future. Here's what we ask of our business partners:

  • ​Collaborate with the Project Interface Program Manager to develop a project design.
  • ​Provide orientation and overview to students at the first on-site meeting.
  • ​Act as a mentor, resource director, and advisor for the team.
  • ​Provide input with the students' final presentation.
  • ​Attend the students' final presentation.
  • ​Enjoy the experience!​

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​Rockwood Juniors, Apply Here!​​

The Summer 2021 student application is now closed. If you have already applied, please make sure you request the teacher recommendation by 11/30. ​

​As part of your application, you are required to have two teacher recommendations on file. Please share the link above with two teachers who know you well.

 Frequently Asked Questions

There are many aspects considered when accepting students for Project Interface.  As we’ll discuss in our Student Information Meetings, we look for students who have a foundation of coursework, extracurriculars, and outside interests which supports their career choice.  We also look for students who are motivated to learn, have initiative, can harness their focus and commitment with little supervision, and have the diligence to see a project and task through to completion with little direction. The student's ability to articulate all of this through their application, personal statement, and their interview is critical.     

While we have a large percentage of students interested in STEM-based careers such as medical, research, engineering, and computer science;  the program can really support nearly all career areas.  Past students have been paired with professionals in fields of Music, Art, Public Health, Archeology, Marketing/PR, Fashion, and Journalism as well.  Our Program Managers will consult with the student about their interests, coursework foundation, and our best approach toward an internship in a particular field where new business partners may be considered.  

Health and safety remain our #1 priority and as such, Project Interface internships in Healthcare  were heavily impacted by the pandemic in Summer of 2020. For summer 2021 internships, we have made an alternative timeline to interview students interested in Healthcare careers in February-March so that we can work under the most current and appropriate parameters as determined by our business partners and school district.  We know there are no guarantees, and we will remain in contact with all students who have been accepted about next steps. Again, continue to check your email for further information.     

Your availability is certainly an important part of this internship.  Realizing that we are interviewing November - January, we realize it's too soon to know all of the details.    

Most important perhaps is for us to understand where Project Interface falls in priority with your other commitments.  Certainly most families will take vacations and you’ll have another week or two where you may visit colleges, get a part-time job, participate in sports conditioning, attend university workshops, etc.  The more flexible you can be, the easier it is to find a business partner for you.  Communicate with your supervisor/coach/parents about your intentions to participate in an internship this summer and it will be easier to navigate as we begin scheduling.          

Once you have applied, you will receive a confirmation of receipt.  Additionally, as applications are being processed, we will review every necessary component and will reach out to you personally should anything be flagged as incomplete.  The best advice is to carefully review your application prior to submitting and ALWAYS check your email for updates.  

If you have any trouble applying or general questions, please send an email to:


Mrs. Dixie Baker


Monday – Tuesday - Thursday


Mrs. Gayla Sajben


Monday – Wednesday - Thursday

Students are accepted into the program once:

1) a completed application has been received 

2) the student has been interviewed; and

3) has received an Acceptance Letter the week of 2/1/21. 

At any time, should a student determine that Project Interface is not a good fit for any reason, please notify either Mrs. Baker or Mrs Sajben via email or phone.  We will document your application file accordingly and will remove you from consideration.  

 It is very important to note that due to COVID-19, our main focus is on the health and safety of our students, staff, and business partners.  As has been done these last several months, we will continue to follow the guidelines recommended by our district and err on the side of caution.  We will also continue to evaluate and modify our policies and procedures as required while ensuring the very best experience for each student participant.  

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