School Counseling

  • School Counseling is an integral part of each school's total education program. The professional staff, consisting of School Counselors and College/Career Specialists, utilizes a comprehensive, developmental approach in its K-12 program.

    Prevention and intervention are the mainstays of Rockwood's School Counseling Department. Sequential activities, following the Missouri Comprehensive School Counseling Program, address the academic, personal/interpersonal, career exploration and post-secondary planning of every Rockwood student. Our high school programs are enhanced by the expertise and talent of four College/Career Specialists who work with students and parents as they navigate the road to post-secondary planning, which includes the college admissions process.

Program Areas

  • The Rockwood School Counseling Department promotes excellence through work in four program areas:

Contact Information

  • Curriculum

    Classroom lessons and large group presentations deal with the three areas of our curriculum: Personal/Social Development; Academic Development; and Career Development. Along with special presentations, such as our Career Fair and district College Information Nights, the School Counseling staff facilitates student-based activities that encourage positive growth and life-skills training.

    Individual Planning

    Students are individually guided by their school counselors toward academic and career success in a variety of ways. Academic excellence is promoted through individual meetings, classroom lessons, small group activities, and school-wide recognition. Working individually with their school counselors, students establish short and long-term educational and career goals. Career exploration is done at every level through the use of classroom lessons, speakers, career fairs, technology, and career portfolios. In the high schools, our College/Career Specialists work with students and families both individually and in larger groups to disseminate important post-secondary information about such topics as financial aid, testing, majors and admissions procedures/policies.

    Responsive Services

    A good deal of the School Counselor's day is spent on Responsive Services. School counselors will provide both individual and group counseling, but it must be stated that we do not do therapy. Most individual work involves dealing with short-term issues. Group counseling topics depend upon the needs of the school and students. School Counselors also work with families by providing information on referrals to outside agencies/therapists. Counselors work extensively with other school personnel in consultation as the personal, social/emotional, and academic well-being of each student is considered.

    System Support

    School Counselors and the School Counseling Department staff are members of a large team—that of the school and the district. These professionals engage in a number of activities to promote the excellence of this school district. Because of the individual and personal nature of their work, it is critical for our School Counselors and College/Career Specialists to be on the cutting edge of topics and techniques related to student success. These professionals engage in continuing education experience to gain such expertise, and most are required to prove evidence of that for recertification. In addition, what they learn they share with their colleagues, faculty and staff. Many members of Rockwood's School Counseling Department are involved in presenting workshops at their own schools, and at local, state, and national conferences.