Our Curriculum

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    We live in an ever-changing world that is full of possibilities. To prepare students to explore those possibilities, Rockwood’s curriculum is designed to foster curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving and inquiry-based experiences.

    How well we educate our students today will determine the future of our community and our region. That’s why Rockwood's curriculum is developed using a collaborative approach. Parents, students, teachers, administrators and community members all have opportunities to review and provide feedback on the curriculum throughout the curriculum writing process. Inviting stakeholders to contribute feedback helps us create the most relevant, engaging learning experiences for all students. Stakeholders are encouraged to reach out to their students' teachers, building administrators or the Rockwood Curriculum Department if they have questions or thoughts about our curriculum.

The Rockwood Profile of a Learner

  • Our Rockwood Profile of a Learner reflects the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our school community. It’s a community-wide vision statement describing what our students should experience throughout their Rockwood education. Our profile has three foundations.

    • Access, Opportunity, Equity for all students
    • Teachers and Leaders
    • Efficiency and Effectiveness in our operations

    Thinks creatively and critically

    • Innovates for an ever-changing world
    • Problem solves for real-world situations
    • Masters and applies academics for college and career success

    Engages thoughtfully and respectfully

    • Builds positive and productive relationships
    • Communicates skillfully and with confidence
    • Demonstrates civility and empathy

    Develops strong character

    • Maintains wellness and mindfulness in life
    • Accepts responsibility for personal actions
    • Embraces challenges with motivation and grit

    Collaborates with others

    • Contributes to the community
    • Enriches the learning of self and others
    • Interacts with a team and values individual contributions

    Explores our world

    • Exhibits limitless curiosity
    • Employs responsible use of digital media and technology
    • Advocates for self, others and the global community

    We live in an ever-changing world that is full of possibilities. Rockwood's Strategic Plan, The Way Forward, is a long-range planning tool for addressing student performance and describes a specific set of actions to be undertaken relative to these issues.