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Rockwood School District

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The Rockwood School District Board of Education charges a superintendent with carrying out the goals of the organization. This individual serves as the chief executive officer for the district. The superintendent is the link to the organization’s staff and is accountable for achieving the ends identified by the board.

The Superintendent’s Cabinet is comprised of individuals who serve as organizational leaders in a variety of areas: Communications, Curriculum and School Leadership, Facilities, Finances, Human Resources and Technology.

Orginizational Chart

Rockwood Superintendent of Schools

Curtis Cain

Assistant Superintendent of Supervision of Schools

David Cobb

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Katherine Rauls

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

Stephen Hankins

Assistant Superintendent Learning and Support Services

Shelley Willott

Executive Director of Secondary Education

Gary Jansen

Chief Financial Officer

Cyndee Byous

Chief Information Officer

Robert Deneau

Chief Communications Officer

Mary Lapak

Director of Special Education

Carmen Harris