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Conversations with Dr. Cain

Our "Conversations with Dr. Curtis Cain" video series features a student from each of our four high schools having a discussion with new Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain about his background, personality, leadership style and goals moving forward.

Mary Corkery

In Part 1, Rockwood Summit student Mary Corkery talks with Dr. Cain about his hobbies and interests, how he navigates tough times and the importance of self-care.

Juli Mejia

In Part 2, Lafayette High student Juli Mejia talks with Dr. Cain about leadership philosophy, inspiring others and his decision-making process.

Ella Hammerschmidt

In Part 3, Eureka High student Ella Hammerschmidt talks with Dr. Cain about his background in education, lessons learned from the pandemic and valuing student voices.

Rhianna Li

In Part 4, Marquette High student Rhianna Li talks with Dr. Cain about what drew him to Rockwood and his hopes for the district as we move into the future.

Kailey and Kaden Cain

In the series finale, we check in with the two students who know him most -- his children, Kailey and Kaden.