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Voluntary Assessments

Students may participate in a variety of voluntary assessments based upon their interests. Examples of these assessments include Advanced Placement (AP), PSAT, SAT, ASVAB, ACT WorkKeys, Compass, additional administrations of the ACT Test, and more. Additional information regarding these assessments can be obtained by contacting the child's school.

Testing Accommodations for students with an IEP, 504, or receiving ELL services participating in voluntary assessment need to be requested and approved by the associated testing vendor. Approval of testing accommodations for these assessments are subject to the testing company's approval.

Curricular-Based Assessments

Within the Teaching and Learning Model, teachers develop/select classroom assessments which align with the identified key learning objectives contained within each unit of study. A variety of assessment types are used including diagnostic (to reveal specific areas of difficulty), formative (to provide fast feedback which guides next-step learning), and summative (to gauge mastery of learning objectives).

The results of diagnostic assessments can be used to determine various readiness levels and to assist the teacher in planning for instruction differentiated to individual student needs. The data from both formal and informal formative assessments can be used to determine whether to extend, intervene, reteach, and/or reassess essential learning objectives. The summative assessment is utilized at the end of instruction for a particular unit to assess the comprehensive level of proficiency of each student related to the major learning objectives within the unit of instruction. With the data from these unit assessments, teachers can develop a plan to support students who are not proficient, while moving on to the next unit. Teams of teachers are also able to use this data to reflect on the instructional process and make adjustments that will enhance teaching and learning.