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Student Testing

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Through collaboration between parents, students and educators, Rockwood's balanced assessment practices will empower students along their individual pathway to learning, creating hope and resilience for ALL learners.

Assessment can take many forms including traditional tests and quizzes, but it can also occur through other means such as screenings, surveys, exit slips, performance events/tasks, interviews, and much more. Formative and interim assessments can guide next steps for learning, gauge and communicate student mastery of learning standards, diagnose immediate areas where instructional programming can improve, inform classroom teaching, and predict future achievement. Interim and summative assessments can also measure instructional quality, support the evaluation of educator effectiveness, measure program efficacy, inform system accountability measures, and provide for comparison to other schools and districts.

Accessing Your Student's Assessment Results

You will receive a ParentSquare notification when your student's results are available. This may come as an email message or, if you have downloaded the ParentSquare app, an app notification.

On the Web

When you get an email with your student's assessment results, use the View Document button to sign in to ParentSquare to see the report on the web.

On the App

In the ParentSquare app, you will notice an alert in red.  Open the top-left menu and go into Schools, tap on the bell icon on the right to see all alerts, or select More in the bottom right.

Use the View Document button to see your student's assessment results.