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Cognitive Abilities Test

Quick Facts

  • 2nd Grade students
  • Assesses students' learned reasoning abilities and problem-solving skills
  • Fall testing window
  • 30 minutes to complete
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The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is a standardized test designed to measure learned reasoning and problem-solving skills in three different areas:

  • Verbal
  • Quantitative
  • Nonverbal Reasoning

It is important to note that the CogAT is neither an intelligence test nor an achievement test.

Sample tasks may include:

  • comprehending problem situations
  • detecting similarities and differences
  • making inferences
  • make deductions
  • classifying and categorizing objects,
  • events, and other stimuli
  • creating and adapt problem-solving strategies
  • using familiar concepts and skills in new contexts

CogAT scores provide classroom teachers with information about student skills and readiness and are are used in the gifted education identification process.