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FastBridge Math

Quick Facts

  • Kindergarten and Grade 1 as needed
  • Assesses numeral identification, match quantity, number sequence, and decomposing numbers
  • Fall, Winter, and Spring
  • Approximately 4.5 minutes

FastBridge is a screening tool that is individually administered to students. A teacher inputs data electronically as students respond to assessment items. Information from the FastBridge assessment is used alongside other formal and informal data to guide instruction and monitor student progress with early numeracy skills.

FastBridge early math assessments allow schools to screen and monitor a student's progress in developing early numeracy skills typically used in kindergarten and first grade. There will be three sub-tests of the FastBridge used to screen students early math skills.

FastBride is used as a screener and can instantly inform teachers if additional assessment data is needed.

Kindergarten FastBridge Assessed Components

Number Identification

  • Kindergarten students should recognize numbers up to 30.
  • Grade 1 students should recognize numbers up to 100.

"What does this symbol represent?"


Identify the missing whole in a part-part-
whole problem or the missing part in a part-
part-whole problem.

"Here are 5 cookies.  I ate 4.  How many are left?"

Number Sequence

Provide the correct oral sequence of numbers. Types of items include:

  • Count Sequence
  • Number After
  • Number Before
  • Number Between

Match Quantity

Match a Numeral with the quantity it represents.

"Point to the number this represents."